1. Row. (at Tierra Vue)

  2. Just wanted to say a giant thank you for all the love & awesome bday greets. Feel grateful for and loved by everyone who took care of me yesterday (& a few days before that too). Love love love you guys. Thank you. (at Laguna Park)

  3. The fabulous birthday brunch. #love #singapore (at The Fabulous Baker Boy : Juwanda)

  4. Feeling seismic love today. Grateful to be one year older in the middle of this life. #thankyou #birthday (at The Fabulous Baker Boy : Juwanda)

  5. Well hello Book 4. I really enjoyed hanging out with Cunningham’s characters but am ready to be with 13 year olds again. #staycation #14daychalkenge #nourish (at Ocean Park)

  6. Reading with friends. #staycation #singapore Old man Murray! (at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee)

  7. Creature of habit. #staycation #singapore (at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee)

  8. Almost done with book 3 and waiting for old man Murray. #staycation #nourish (at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee)

  9. Staycation. That is all. #singapore No bird attacks today. #yay (at Ocean Park)

  10. Love spending pre birthday with my besties. Love you guys. @davecaleb @klbeasley @intrepidteacher #nourish #embraceitall (at The Beast)