1. Tear out and crumple. #wreckthisjournal @intrepidteacher (at Ocean Park)

  2. Orange you glad it didn’t rain?!?! #7pgu #uwcsea_east #kayak (at Mana Mana East Coast Club)

  3. All in all a gorgeous day to learn how to capsize and rescue each other! We are all set for Sibu! Thank you to the awesome outdoor ed team! #7pgu #uwcsea_east (at Mana Mana East Coast Club)

  4. It’s going to be a wet wet wet classroom today. #kayak #manamana (at Bedok)

  5. Hey, sorryfood #singapore na! Bilis! @patricklaoshi in the house! (at Ocean Park)

  6. #singapore (at Orchard Road)

  7. Besties who share, care! Bruschetta love with @klbeasley. #nom (at Landridge Condo)

  8. We survived week 1! Celebrating with @hambino’s Italian feast. Oh pecorino, we meet again. #love (at Landridge Condo)

  9. From impromptu dancing in front of elders, creating games when we ran out to running around the school with partners and string around ankles - 7PGu learned a lot and had a great time. #uwcsea_east #service (at United World College Tampines)

  10. Our many learning spaces today. Thanks for an amazing first two days, @cpsillides. Precious. #service #uwcsea_east (at United World College of South East Asia - Uwcsea)